Yi24 | Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Bharat Entrepreneurship Week



March 2, 2024

Yi24 | Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Bharat Entrepreneurship Week

Members Engaged:


Thalir Engaged:


Region: Eastern Region (ER)

Chapter: Kolkata

Direct Impact: 48

Location: Lotus Rescue

Event Partner (s): --

🌟 Celebrating Entrepreneurship with a Creative Twist at YI Kolkata !!🌟 DAY 1- 02nd MARCH 2024 Day 1 of Bharat Entrepreneurship Week kicked off with an inspiring session at Thalir School Lotus Rescue, where we introduced the vibrant world of entrepreneurship to our future leaders. With a focus on “Introduction to Entrepreneurship,” we dove into the essentials, igniting the spark of innovation and creativity among the children. ✨ The Challenge: Armed with just their imagination and a few samples of Sobisco biscuits, 48 talented young minds were tasked with designing a paper ad that captures the essence of Sobisco in their unique way. 🏆 The Reward: The stakes are high and the excitement even higher! Sobisco biscuits will be selecting the TOP 3️⃣ designs from these young entrepreneurs. The chosen designs will not only grace Sobisco’s Instagram handles but the best ad will earn a spot in the newspaper, showcasing the incredible talent of our young participants. Let’s cheer for these budding entrepreneurs and stay tuned to witness creativity and innovation unfold. Regards Yi Kolkata- Thalir & Entrepreneurship

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