Yi24 | Climate Change - Mango Seed Collection Drive

Climate Change

May 29, 2024

Yi24 | Climate Change - Mango Seed Collection Drive

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Region: Eastern Region (ER)

Chapter: Kolkata

Direct Impact: 180

Location: Kolkata

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🥭🥭 Mango Seed Collection Drive!🥭🥭 As a lead-up to World Environment Day, we're on a mission to green our city by collecting mango seeds and planting them with the help of local farmers. 🌳🍃 Why? Mango seeds have a low germination rate, and mango grafts are expensive for farmers. A lot of money goes into acquiring them. For us, these seeds are just waste, often thrown away. But for farmers, our waste can be a valuable asset! 🌱💡 How? Collect the eaten mango seeds 🥭 Wash them 🚿 Scrape them 🪒 Dry them ☀️ Send them to us 📦 Where? Location: Green Building (Exact location to be shared soon) 📍 Awards & Rewards: 1. More mango trees 🌳🥭 2. ⁠More greenery🍃 3. ⁠The smile on the faces of farmers 😊 4. ⁠All donators to receive a mention and highest donator gets a spcl reward🤩 What you give comes back. Let’s rejoice in this great cause together! 🌍💚🥭 Thank you, Team Climate Change

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