Yi24 | World Cancer Day


February 4, 2024

Yi24 | World Cancer Day

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Region: Eastern Region (ER)

Chapter: Kolkata

Direct Impact: 2000

Location: Kolkata

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🌟 Empowering the Future: A United Initiative on World Cancer Day 🌟 This World Cancer Day, Yi Kolkata Team Health invites you to join a transformative initiative aimed at uplifting 2,000 underprivileged adolescent girls in Kolkata. Supported by Rotary for cancer prevention and the Chariot Foundation for mental wellness, we’re embracing a comprehensive approach to health and wellness: - Free Cervical Vaccination: In collaboration with Rotary, we’re offering hope and protection through cervical cancer vaccinations, a significant step towards eradicating this disease. - ⁠*Mental Wellness Workshops & Drug Abuse Prevention:* With the Chariot Foundation, we’re not only empowering girls with knowledge and tools for mental resilience but also extending these crucial services to cancer patients, ensuring they have the support needed to navigate their journey with strength. - ⁠*Health Guides:* Distributing leaflets to provide essential information on maintaining both physical and mental health, we’re committed to ensuring a holistic approach to wellness for our community. Your Support Matters: Your voice and your share can create a ripple effect, making a profound impact. Help us spread the word and touch the lives of many, fostering a healthier future for our youth and those battling cancer. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. Stand with us in this noble cause, because every step we take together is a step towards victory. 🌈 Regards, Yi Kolkata - Team Health

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