Yi24 | Yi Peer Podium with Apurva Salrpuria


February 7, 2024

Yi24 | Yi Peer Podium with Apurva Salrpuria

Members Engaged:


Region: Eastern Region (ER)

Chapter: Kolkata

Direct Impact: 20

Location: South City Business Park

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Yi Kolkata invites you to the exclusive Yi Peer Podium, integrated with the Young Indians Business Exchange (YiBE), featuring Apurv Salarpuria as the speaker in a closed-door interactive session! πŸš€ Here’s what you can expect in this enriching session: 1. Insightful Journey: Discover how Apurv expanded his family business, sharing invaluable lessons and experiences that span across industries. 🌐 2. Peer-to-Peer Learning: Dive into deep, enriching discussions on business growth, challenges, and strategies, facilitated by the collaborative platform of YiBE. 🀝🧠 3. Interactive Experience: With limited registrations, this session ensures a personalized and focused environment, ideal for vibrant exchanges and learning within the Yi Network. 🌟 4. YiBE Integration: Experience the unique blend of Yi Peer Podium with the Young Indians Business Exchange, fostering a dynamic space for sharing, learning, and networking among aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Regards Yi Kolkata- Team Entrepreneurship

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